Creating, manufacturing is good... taking care of our planet is better...!


We are committed to offering as many products as possible that are designed and manufactured in an environmentally friendly, responsible and reasoned way.

Concerned about the butterfly effect that industrial production methods can have on the environment, we opt for natural, ethical and ecological methods and materials.

The selected leather is of first quality and is vegetable tanned without chemicals and heavy metals. The vegetable substances (bark, roots, leaves, etc.) used are therefore safe and hypoallergenic.



The leather we use comes from Germany and has many certifications:

Description : ECARF

It is certified by the European Foundation for Allergy Research. The ECARF label is a guarantee that the leathers are perfectly adapted to the needs of allergy sufferers and meet the specific quality requirements defined by the Foundation.

Our leather is also certified by the International Association of Natural Textile Industries (IVN).

This label is the first to certify eco-leather.

It aims to guarantee the production of high quality leather, while respecting the strictest ecological and social criteria (evaluation and control of the process from A to Z: no chemicals or heavy metals, waste water treatment)

Finally, our leather is certified by the German Association for Organic Agriculture. The label supports and respects the ecological standards set by the European Union.

This certification reflects a sustainable and environmentally friendly production and processing method for products. The products are totally safe and harmless to human health.

Woolly Skins

The woolen skins in our permanent collection are European and also have a vegetable tanning done in France or Portugal.

Leather prints

The printed matter of our leathers is made in France with inks approved according to REACH standards and dermato-logically tested.


The laces are manufactured in France by a company that has been awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label, which promotes excellent craftsmanship and industrial know-how. The raw materials used are Oekotex certified (independent label guaranteeing the absence of harmful substances that may pose a risk to consumer health).


The elastics are manufactured in Spain and are Oekotex certified (independent label guaranteeing the absence of harmful substances that may pose a risk to consumer health).


With all the skill and patience that we know about birds in making their nests, we design, draw and manufacture the majority of slippers in our small Alsatian nest in Strasbourg.

To complete our craftsmanship, we also surrounded ourselves with quality partners during a small "flight" to Portugal.

All our permanent products are manufactured using traditional techniques and vegetable-tanned leather.